What will happen to the trees in the project area?

    Council is committed to expanding our tree canopy where possible. For this project, one small tree will be removed and there will be an additional six tree plantings. This amounts to five additional trees in the project area.

    Why do we need a cycleway on West Street?

    West Street, between Pacific Highway and Church Street, is a key connection to the North Sydney and Sydney CBD and has an average weekday ridership greater than 400 trips per day.

    The initial workshop was held in 2018, why has it taken so long to progress?

    A variety of factors have contributed to the delay in the project such as funding, other major infrastructure projects and COVID related delays. 

    What are the main changes proposed along West Street?

    The main changes along West Street include:

    • kerb realignment
    • additional rain gardens
    • 100 metre bi-directional cycleway,
    • slow speed ‘shared zone’ footpath for pedestrians and cyclists between Pacific Highway and Church Street
    • a new pedestrian and cyclist crossing at the corner of West and Church Street

    Will there be any loss of parking?

    No, there will not be a loss of parking spaces for the West Street Upgrades.