Why is Council introducing these restrictions?

    Each year Council receives a significant number of complaints from residents claiming that boat trailers, trailers and advertising trailers are causing parking, road safety, residential and visual amenity issues. Legislation introduced in 2016 requires boat trailers to move every 28 days, however does not apply to other types of trailers.

    The RMS introduced a new parking sign “No Parking - Motor Vehicles Excepted” that Councils may use which is intended to allow parking of motor vehicles, and restrict the parking of all types of trailers and caravans.

    Council successfully trialed the restrictions in three streets in 2019 and subsequently resolved to develop a Policy to ensure a consistent approach to expanding the restrictions in other high demand areas, including appropriate community engagement.

    What vehicles can park there?

    A motor vehicle, as defined in the NSW Road Rules (2014) is “a vehicle (other than a bicycle) that is built to be propelled by a motor that forms part of the vehicle.” e.g. cars, motorbikes, vans, utes, trucks*, motor home* etc. This includes combinations such as a trailer hitched to a motor vehicle*

    * Heavy vehicles (4.5 tonnes or more GVM) or long vehicles (7.5 metres or longer) must not stop for longer than one hour (NSW Road Rule 200)

    What vehicles can’t park there?

    Any vehicle that doesn’t contain a motor to propel the vehicle e.g. boat trailer (with or without a boat attached), box trailer, advertising trailer, caravan, etc.

    Do I need a permit to park my motor vehicle legally?


    Can I obtain a parking permit for my trailer?

    No. Council does not issue parking permits for caravans, trailers or vehicles over 3 tonnes under the Resident Parking Policy.

    What if the trailer is attached to my car?

    If the trailer is hitched to a motor vehicle, the combination is considered a motor vehicle and can legally park for an unlimited period (if under 7.5 metres in length).

    I have tradespeople with trailers visiting my property - can they still park in the street?

    If the trailer is hitched to a motor vehicle, the combination is considered a motor vehicle and can legally park. Combinations 7.5 metres or longer can only park for up to 1 hour (NSW Road Rule 200).

    What happens if a trailer or caravan is illegally parked?

    Fines exceeding $112 can be issued for “Disobey No Parking sign”.

    Can I get similar restrictions in my street?

    As these are a new type of restriction, Council will monitor parking conditions during the initial three-month period commencing in June 2019 to determine whether the parking restrictions achieve the intended outcomes. The matter will be reported back to the Traffic Committee on 6 September 2019. If the trial is successful in the initial locations, Council may consider implementing similar restrictions in other streets.