Why are you collecting these stories?

    This project is about local LGBTIQA+ community members being seen, heard, and feeling connected. 

    It is also for collecting information from the community about local queer lives.  
    These stories are also being collected to add to North Sydney Council’s Local History collection, as there is currently a lack of local LGBTIQA+ information in this collection. 

    All submitted content will be stored according to North Sydney Council Local History Collection policies. 

    Who can post to this map?

    This is open to to all people from the LGBTIQA+ communities and their allies, with stories relating to the local area.

    What information can I put on the map?

    Tell the story of a pivotal moment in your life, a memory you cherish, or a moment you wish didn't happen. It could be something huge, or something tiny that you'll always remember.

    A party, a kiss, a conversation, a glance. A story of someone you met, or of someone that you once were. 

    Share a tale about someone no longer with us, or a mundane moment from last week. A costume you wore, a gift you received, or an event or club you were part of.

    Please note that this map is accessible to all ages, and that information collected may form part of the Local History collection at Stanton Library. (see next FAQ for more detail)

    Is my post anonymous?

    When adding a pin, you will need to create a ‘screen name’. This is publicly viewable. For anonymity consider a unique screen name that will not personally identify you. 

    You will also need to supply a valid email address which will not be viewable on the map. 

    In the interests of transparency, any submission you make may be open to public scrutiny under North Sydney Council's Access to Information Policy. Council generally makes the submission publicly available unless the submitter requests otherwise. Any concerns, please contact us at yoursay@northsydney.nsw.gov.au 

    Is this project moderated?

    All content is moderated. The Forum is moderated by the platform provider, please read the Moderation Policy or more information. If you feel you content has been unfairly moderated, please contact us at yoursay@northsydney.nsw.gov.au

    Can I donate something to the Local History collection?

    We are welcoming possible donations of photos, fliers, costumes, objects and more, relating to local LGBTIQA+ lives.
    Please contact us to discuss possible donations: Kelly.Mitchell@northsydney.nsw.gov.au 


    What about queer stories in other parts of Sydney and Australia?

    There are similar projects around the country such as:

    Worldwide there is:

    If you are interested in other Queer History you could try:

    And an exhibition at the State Library of NSW until July 9, 2023: