What is a Precinct Committee?

    Precinct Committees are run by the community and are advisory.

    Precinct meetings are geographically based, open forums which anyone can attend and consult on a range of community issues. The meetings are one avenue for informing Council of community opinion and maintaining two-way communications between community members and Council staff and Councillors. Individual Precinct Committee comments/actions are responded to and considered by Council. 

    Precincts also encourage social interaction within the local community by coordinating events.

    What are the objectives of the Precinct System?

    As stated in the Precinct System Guidelines, the objectives of the program are to:

    • encourage involvement of residents, workers, students and property owners within the North Sydney area to inform Council of the needs and opinions of its community. 
    • provide a point of access to Council in its conduct of public consultations and strategic planning matters in the local area.
    • provide information on the physical and social characteristics and requirements of individual Precinct areas to assist Council in formulating its programs and long term plans
    • encourage interaction within the community and its environment. 
    • liaise with elected representatives.
    • be a means through which information can be supplied to all residents. 
    • strengthen the mandate of Council in liaising with bodies outside the Council area such as Federal and State Government, and private organisations; and 
    • inform Council and other park bodies of community opinion on issues affecting the local area.

    Where can I find more information about Precinct Committees?

    Refer to Council's website - https://www.northsydney.nsw.gov.au/precincts