What will happen to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Marathon Starting Line (Stage 4 works)?

    Council is planning to reinstate the line in its current location as part of the road works.

    Will I be able to access my property during the works?

    Yes, pedestrian access to properties and businesses will be maintained during construction. Vehicle access to properties will also be maintained, along with access to emergency vehicles and buses. Detours will be enforced for all other vehicles. Access to driveways may be restricted on some occasions to ensure the works are conducted safely and efficiently.

    Why do the works have to be undertaken at night?

    The proposed works require approval from the Traffic Management Centre (TMC) which is a division within Transport for NSW. Based on previous similar works undertaken along Miller Street, TMC will not permit the works to be undertaken during the day as it will result in major traffic disruptions and create a safety hazard. Council is therefore obliged to undertake the works at night.