Why is there a Stage 2 masterplan?

    The draft Masterplan (Stage 2) is a response to the feedback received for Stage 1 and sets out to deliver a more informed, comprehensive and realisable vision for the precinct. This exploration has ensured that:

      the development potential of key sites has been examined, 

      the masterplan achieves the objectives of the Greater Sydney Commission’s North District Plan,

      the potential for different amalgamation patterns has been considered and the relationship to the North Sydney CBD Capacity and Land Use Strategy has been clarified.

    What type of uses can the cultural hub have?

    The mixed use facility that can accommodate uses such as:

    • Gallery spaces

    • Artists studios

    • Retail and Dining

    • Makers spaces

    • Co-working spaces

    • Child care

    • Roof top terraces

    • Live performances