Yeo Street, Neutral Bay - Proposed Pedestrian Crossing

Feedback closes Wednesday 27 February 2019.

As part of Council’s commitment to improve pedestrian and traffic safety, it is proposed to install a raised pedestrian crossing on Yeo Street, on the western side of the intersection with Watson Street.

The proposed pedestrian crossing incorporates a flat top road hump and kerb extensions which will increase visibility of approaching drivers, slow down traffic and reduce the crossing distance. A copy of the plan is available in the document library.

Please note: the proposal will result in a loss of three on-street parking spaces in order to be compliant with Australian Standards and RMS guidelines.

If there is general community support for this proposal, it is intended that works will be finalised by the end of June 2019.

Any comments you may have regarding the proposals will assist in determining the desired traffic arrangements in Yeo Street. If a change in the existing traffic arrangements in Yeo Street is not considered warranted by the community then this proposal may not proceed.

All comments received will be considered, however it is not intended to reply to individual respondents. 

For further information, contact Mr Nathan Wu, Traffic & Transport Engineer on 9936 8100.

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CLOSED: This survey has concluded.