Ridge Street Active Transport Upgrade

Submissions closed 31 August

IMPORTANT NOTE: all comments received will be considered in the review of the project, however as there may be a significant number of submissions made, it is not intended to reply to individual responses.

The North Sydney Community Strategic Plan 2013-2023 identifies that improved walking and cycling connections are a key priority for the community, and feedback from the community consistently indicates that many more people will walk and cycle for transport when safer, more convenient and more attractive routes are available.

In response to this community demand, Council have prepared a concept plan for improved walking and cycling connections along Ridge Street, North Sydney (the Ridge Street Active Transport Upgrade Plan). The Plan proposes significant improvements to walking and cycling facilities such as expanded pedestrian areas, upgraded pedestrian crossings, and new separated cycling paths. The Plan further proposes to deliver these improvements as part of a comprehensive streetscape upgrade that will expand and improve public space with new landscaping and garden beds, additional street trees, new high quality paving, and public amenities such as new seating.

The improvements are proposed between Miller Street and West Street and include:

  • Upgrade of two existing pedestrian crossings to substantially reduce the total crossing distances and provide access level with surrounding footpaths.
  • Changes to intersections that will reduce crossing distances for pedestrians, make it easier to see to and from pedestrian crossing points and road areas, and encourage slower vehicle speeds around corners.
  • An expanded pedestrian environment with large areas of new garden beds, new street trees, new areas of paving and new public facilities such as seating and bicycle parking.
  • Changes to the Traffic Control Signals at the intersection between Miller Street and Ridge Street to improve pedestrian safety and provide a dedicated cycle crossing.
  • A new ‘continuous footpath treatment’ at the intersection between Ridge Street and Cunningham Street, which is an area raised above road level so that pedestrian access across the intersections is level with footpaths.
  • A new ‘in-lane’ bus stop catering for passenger set downs on Ridge Street and new signage allowing bus set downs and pick-ups in Miller Street.
  • New bi-directional cycle path on the north side of Ridge Street that is separated from footpaths and road areas. These type of paths are demonstrated to make cycling accessible to a far broader range of people.

View the concept plan to see key features of the proposed design (in the Document Library).

The design/layout proposed is based on similar active transport/streetscape upgrade projects implemented successfully in other parts of Sydney and internationally.

Ridge Street does not need to be widened to accommodate the cycle path which fits within existing kerb lines.

The works will reduce the lane widths on Ridge Street which is expected to slow vehicle speeds and emphasise a pedestrian friendly/local road setting in Ridge Street. The lanes and layout have been designed with reference to relevant guidelines and standards.

The proposal has minimal impact on car parking provision in Ridge Street. The number of on-street car parking spaces is unchanged. The location of some spaces will change slightly to allow the works to take place. One loading zone space is proposed to be removed to ensure that set-backs to the traffic control signals on Miller Street are consistent with current standards/requirements for safe road operation.

For more information contact Council’s Sustainable Transport Project Coordinator, Lindsay Menday on 9936 8100.

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