Horace Street – Parking

Public Consultation – Horace Street, Waverton - Proposed Parking Changes In Area 16

Council has received requests from residents near Horace Street, Waverton requesting the existing unrestricted parking be converted to restricted parking with permit holder exceptions.

Before taking this to the Traffic Committee, Council wishes to survey the residents in the area to ascertain if there is support to convert the unrestricted parking to either 2 hour parking restrictions or 4 hour parking restrictions with permit holders exemption.

The use of 2 hour or 4 hour parking restrictions will prevent the long-term parking of commuters and businesses while still providing some flexibility for local residents and their visitors. Please note however under Council’s Resident Parking Policy some residents may not be eligible for a permit and there is a cost in obtaining a permit.

Read Information on Council’s Resident Parking Permit Policy, including eligibility and fees, or by contacting Customer Service on 9936 8100.

The purpose of the survey is to determine if the majority of the residents wish to retain the existing unrestricted parking or introduce 2 hour or 4 hour parking restrictions in Horace Street.

The survey is not a voting form as such, but it will assist in determining the support for the parking restrictions proposed for your street.

If there is no support for the proposed changes to the parking restrictions, then they will not occur.

Closing Date & Next Steps

If you do wish to comment it would be appreciated if you could complete the survey by Friday 1 September 2017.

It is expected that the results of this survey will be considered by the North Sydney Traffic Committee on 20 October 2017.

All members of the community are welcome to attend this meeting.

Thank you for your assistance in completing this survey.

Please note that all comments received will be considered, however it is not intended to reply to individual respondents. 

If you have any enquiries regarding the proposal, please contact Ms Maria Coyne of Council’s Traffic Planning Section on 9936 8100.

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.