Grosvenor Lane Shared Zone - Associated Parking Changes


Following public consultation and consideration by the North Sydney Traffic Committee, North Sydney Council has adopted the following recommendations:


1. THAT the existing No Stopping (L) sign on the eastern side of Young Street south of Belgrave Street be relocated 5 metres to the south.


1. THAT the existing loading zone and 15-minute parking on the northern side of Grosvenor Lane east of Young Street be relocated 5 metres to the east.

2. THAT Seven (7) 15-minute parking spaces be installed on the northern side of the proposed Grosvenor Lane shared zone east of Young Lane. 

Refer to plan here

It is expected that these changes will occur shortly, within the next three weeks. All enquiries regarding this work should be directed to Council’s Traffic Section on telephone 9936 8100.  Council appreciates your co-operation in this matter.

Feedback closed Sunday 30 June 2019

Following consultation carried out in July 2018, Council has progressed design of the Shared Zone in Grosvenor Lane between Ben Boyd Road and Young Street.

To improve pedestrian safety and public domain outcomes intended for the Shared Zone, Council has negotiated alternative truck routes for deliveries to Woolworths to minimise heavy vehicle movements along the new Shared Zone in Grosvenor Lane.

Woolworths delivery trucks will travel via Ben Boyd Road, Belgrave Street, Young Street and Grosvenor Lane. To allow for these movements, the following changes to parking are required:

  1. Remove one (1) parking space on Young Street south of Belgrave Street.
  2. Relocate loading zone and 15-minute parking on Grosvenor Lane east of Young Street.

In order to offset the loss of parking resulting from the proposed Woolworths delivery route, the Shared Zone design has been amended to include seven (7) short-stay (15-minute parking) spaces on the northern side of Grosvenor Lane between Young Lane and Young Street. Refer to plan in the document library for further details.

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