Broughton Street, Kirribilli - Parking Extension (near Greenway Drive)

Feedback closed midnight Sunday 8 September 2019.

Update June 2020

The results of the community survey were considered by Council's Traffic Engineer and the following recommendation was made:

1. THAT Council extend the existing “2P Meter 8.30am-10pm Mon-Sun Permit Holders Excepted Area 2” zone on the eastern side of Broughton Street north of Greenway Drive by 17.4m to create two new parking spaces as shown on Plan A.

2. THAT Council remove the traffic island on the western side of Broughton Street south of Greenway Drive, and extend the “4P Meter 8.30am-6pm Mon- Fri” zone by 6m to create one new parking space as shown on Plan B.

The above recommendations were forwarded to Transport for NSW, the NSW Police and the local State Member and subsequently received no objection. The parking changes will be implemented shortly.

The summary of the consultation outcomes can be viewed in the Document Library.

Council has identified opportunities to increase parking supply by up to 3 spaces in Broughton Street, Kirribilli by replacing potentially redundant No Stopping zones on both sides of Broughton Street near Greenway Drive. This matter was considered at the 524th Traffic Committee meeting on 3 May 2019, where it was resolved to survey the community to ascertain if there is support to reduce the existing “No Stopping” zone to create two spaces on the eastern side of Broughton Street, and/or remove the existing traffic island to create one space on the western side of Broughton Street.  The full report can be found on Council’s website under item 4.02 Minor Parking Restrictions.

Plan A - Reduce 17.2 metres of No Stopping to 5.2 metres before the kerbside traffic island north of Greenway Drive, to create two spaces of “2P meter 8.30am-10pm Mon-Sun Permit Holders Excepted Area 2”.

Plan B - Demolish the existing 7.4 metre traffic island and create one space of “4P meter 8.30am-6.00pm Mon-Fri” on the western side of Broughton Street, south of Greenway Drive.

A plan of the two proposals is available in the document library. Any comments you  have regarding the proposals will assist in determining the desired traffic arrangements in Broughton Street near Greenway Drive.

If there is general community support for these proposals, it is intended that works will be constructed by the end of December 2019.

All comments received by Sunday 8 September 2019 will be considered when the matter is determined, however it is not intended to reply to individual respondents.

To obtain a paper version of the survey contact Council’s Traffic Operations Manager, Michaela Kemp on 9936 8243 or visit the Customer Service Desk.

For further information contact Council’s Traffic & Transport Operations Manager on 9936 8243 or 

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CLOSED: This survey has concluded.