Bannerman Street and Murdoch Street - Speed Cushions Trial

Submissions closed midnight 2 February 2020 (extended)

At its meeting held 25 February 2019, Council resolved to install 'speed' cushions' in one (1) location on Murdoch Street and three (3) locations on Bannerman Street for a trial period. 

Speed cushions have been installed for an initial period of three months.  Council will monitor traffic conditions during this period. 


Due to the community feedback on these speed cushions to date, Council has decided to bring forward the matter to the first available traffic committee for this year, which is Friday 7 February 2020.  This meeting is scheduled to occur in the Supper Room at Council Chambers, at 10am.

The report is available on Council’s website. 

While all members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting and address the Committee, there are limited spaces for the public at this meeting for emergency egress reasons. Individuals or groups wishing to attend the Traffic Committee on this particular item, must register before 5pm Wednesday, 5 February 2020 by contacting Council's Traffic Operations Officer, Maria Coyne, on 9936 8244. If you leave a voice message please provide your full name, contact number and indicate whether you are generally in favour or opposed to the recommendation.

Any discussion on this item will be restricted to one speaker for those in favour of the recommendation and one speaker for those against the recommendation. Groups, or persons wishing to present similar points of view, should nominate a spokesperson and not address the Traffic Committee individually. Each speaker will be limited to 3 minutes.

Recommendations of the Traffic Committee are normally presented to the next available Council meeting. Please note that all recommendations made by the Traffic Committee have to be formally adopted by a full meeting of Council prior to implementation. If you wish to discover Council’s decision regarding this matter, please contact Council’s Traffic & Transport Operations Department on 9936 8100, after Wednesday 25 March 2020 or visit Council’s website 

UPDATE DECEMBER 2019 - Based on initial feedback, Council has removed the set of speed cushions on Murdoch Street to the north of the roundabout. The rest of the speed cushions will remain in place until after the trial ends on 2 February 2020. 

Speed cushions are raised areas which cover part of a lane within the road as opposed to a raised threshold or ‘speed hump’ which covers the full lane.  A diagram showing the speed cushion dimensions and typical layout is available in the document library. In other locations where speed cushions have been installed, these have led to measurable reductions in vehicle speeds, which improves road safety for all road users. 

The cushions have been proposed in locations most likely to reduce speeds, while also taking into account the impact on driveway access and pedestrian and bicycle movements.  The cushions would not impact on parking as vehicles can park over the top of speed cushions in the parking lane.  Cushions would be made of rubber which reduces noise, allows for quick installation, and would allow for relocation/removal if required at the end of the trial period.  

Submissions received up to midnight 2 February 2020 will be taken into consideration as part of the three month review.

For further information, contact Stella Stefan, Road Safety Coordinator on 9936 8100.

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