Wilson Street, Cammeray - Proposed Parking Changes


Following public consultation and consideration by the North Sydney Traffic Committee, North Sydney Council has adopted the following recommendation in Wilson Street:

1.  THAT No Stopping (full time) be installed on the western side of Wilson Street at the pinch point near the telegraph pole outside No. 8A Carter Street (approx. 1 parking space)

2.  THAT No Stopping “6am-1pm Mondays and Fridays” be installed opposite property No.14 Wilson Street (14 metres long).

3.  THAT this matter be reported back to traffic committee in 6 months with regard to any feedback received.

Refer to plan here.

It is expected that these changes will occur shortly, within the next three weeks.

All enquiries regarding this work should be directed to Council’s Traffic Section on telephone 9936 8100.  Council appreciates your co-operation in this matter.


The results of the resident parking survey were reported to the Traffic Committee meeting on 7 September 2018, including proposed changes to on-street parking. 

For further information visit https://www.northsydney.nsw.gov.au/Council_Meetings/Meetings/Committees/Traffic_Committee(External link)

Feedback closed 5pm Monday, 13 August 2018.

Council has received correspondence from a number of residents in Wilson Street concerning traffic and parking issues at the entry/exit of Wilson Street during the morning peak. Concerns have also been raised that, garbage trucks are experiencing difficulties accessing the street due to vehicles parked on both sides of the street at narrow sections.

Following investigations, Council has proposed two options to address the concerns being raised. Prior to completing the survey, please review the proposed plan in the document library. 

The survey is not a voting form as such, but it will assist in determining the support for the parking restrictions proposed for your street. Council will take all comments received into consideration in making a determination on this matter.

If you have any enquiries regarding the proposal, contact Nathan Wu of Council’s Traffic Planning Section on 9936 8100.

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.