Union Street, McMahons Point - Mail Zone Relocation

UPDATE:  Following community consultation, the North Sydney Traffic Committee approved the proposed relocation of the Mail Zone outside 34-40 Union Street, McMahons Point as per the plan available in the Closed/Expired Document Library.

It is expected the changes will be implemented by 9 November 2018. Relocation of the Street Posting Boxes will be undertaken by Australia Post. Motorists are advised to always check signs before parking.

Feedback closed 5pm Friday 17 August 2018.

Council has received representations regarding sight issues exiting the driveway of 34-40 Union Street, McMahons Point due to vehicles parked to the west of the driveway. While it has been the longstanding position of Council not to remove parking adjacent to driveways, there may be an opportunity to adjust the current parking arrangements to improve visibility at the driveway, while retaining the on-street parking provisions.

It is proposed to relocate the Mail Zone, currently positioned to the east of the driveway, to the western side of the driveway. This will restrict vehicles from parking within up to 7.5 metres west of the driveway, when the Mail Zone is not in use. 2 spaces of ½ Hour Parking which currently extends either side of the driveway will be retained by shifting the entire zone to the eastern side of the driveway. In addition, Australia Post will relocate the existing red street posting box and the green distribution box to the proposed Mail Zone location. A plan of the proposed changes is in the Document Library.


Council is seeking feedback on the proposal and will use this feedback to progress to implementation. The attached survey is not a voting form as such, but it will assist in determining the support for the proposed changes.

Please note that all comments received will be considered, however it is not intended to reply to individual respondents. You can follow the progress of this matter at the above webpage. 

If you have any enquiries regarding the proposal, please contact Michaela Kemp on 9936 8100.

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.