Alfred Street North and Winter Avenue Intersection Amendments

Feedback closed midnight Monday 18 November 2019.

The North Sydney Community Strategic Plan 2018 – 2028 identifies community demand for continued improvement to walking facilities in North Sydney.  As part of the response to this demand, Council is proposing to undertake works at the intersection of Alfred Street North and Winter Avenue, Neutral Bay, to improve pedestrian access in the area.  The proposed works include:

  • Raising the existing pedestrian crossing over Alfred Street North above road level, to footpath height.  This is proposed to encourage slower vehicle speeds and improve visibility at the pedestrian crossing, as both matters have been raised as issues by members of the local community. The raised crossing would be paved with charcoal coloured pavers to improve the quality of the public domain.
  • Construction of a ‘continuous footpath treatment’ over Winter Avenue at the intersection with Alfred Street North.  This treatment comprises a formal crossing point, raised to footpath height, that provides continuous level access for pedestrians through the intersection, and encourages reduced vehicle speeds.  This area would be paved with charcoal coloured pavers to improve the quality of the public domain.
  • The provision of a new ‘kerb ramp’ that allows people on bikes to access the existing walking and cycling bridge over the Warringah Freeway without having to use the pedestrian crossing.
  • Minor stormwater system upgrades.

The proposed works will require the removal of one metered parking space to the immediate north of the pedestrian crossing.  

A diagram showing the layout of the proposed works is available in the document library.

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