Rangers/Spofforth: Does ‘landscaping’ include possible outdoor café seating?

    The proposed landscaped kerb extension along the shopfronts on the eastern side of the intersection of Rangers Road and Spofforth Street is within Mosman Council Local Government Area. North Sydney Council is not able to comment on this matter. However, the proposal has allowed for an increased public domain space along the shopfronts to cater for any potential outdoor seating. 

    Location 1: has the speed of traffic entering Holt from the Rangers direction been factored in? Cars don’t slow down and the incline makes drivers accelerate alarmingly.

    All three options for location 1 include lane narrowing (e.g. 3m travel lane width with bicycle lane and parking lane lines) which will encourage drivers to slow down. 

    Location 2: Are you aware of the issue of motorists turning into the petrol station northbound in Spofforth St after turning from Rangers Rd. Also pedestrians dart across here in a very dangerous manner from parked cars.

    Yes, Council is aware of these issues. The travel lane width leading to the petrol station will be narrowed to a minimum 3m width to encourage motorists to travel at a slower speed. Some of the parking on either side of the intersection will be removed and offset by the angle parking on the southern leg of Spofforth Street. 

    What about Spencer Street? Name problem there re pedestrian safety.

    Spencer Street is not included in the scope of this project. The aim of this project is to address crash history and formalise the problematic intersections on Spofforth Street. 

    A review of the most recent available TfNSW crash data revealed zero recorded accident at the intersection of Spencer Road and Spofforth Street for the 5-year period from October 2013- March 2020. This indicates that this intersection operates satisfactory. 

    However, the North Sydney Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) Action Plan for Zone 6 contains a number of proposals to address  traffic and pedestrian issues along Spencer Road. These include:

    • T82 - Spencer Road - Install traffic calming - with a medium-term priority. 
    • T.111 - Spencer Road at Military Road - Install pedestrian crossing or continuous footpath treatment (Being be considered in conjunction with Cremorne Streetscape upgrades 2019/20, Stage 1 - Concept Plan Completed.)

    Projects are planned on an annual basis subject to the priorities within the Action Plans, availability of funding and community consultation. By maintaining the North Sydney Integrated Traffic & Parking Strategy process, especially with the constant review and updating of the Action Plans, Council is confident that, over time, most traffic related issues can be equitably addressed.  

    For further information about the LATM Action Plans please visit https://yoursay.northsydney.nsw.gov.au/LATM

    Does Option 3 at Spofforth/Rangers have one or two lanes northbound in Rangers Rd? [thought the pictorial view showed two lanes]

    The Option 3 - Intersection Re-alignment with the Optional Pedestrian Actuated Crossing at Spofforth St and Rangers Road has a combined through and right turn lane on the northbound.  

    With the loss of car parking, have you examined the 225 bus timetable - is it possible to allow parking during non-operational hours?

    The 225 bus operates from 6am to midnight Monday to Saturday and 9am to 9pm Sunday. Allowing parking outside of these hours (midnight to 6am Monday-Friday, 9pm to 9am Sunday) will not be beneficial to residents and businesses in the area. Therefore, it is proposed to relocate the affected bus stops all together and consolidate them within 120m of their former location to offset the parking loss and allow new facilities to be built while maintaining serviceability of the bus route.   

    The traffic crossing Spofforth St using Holt St is mostly cars crossing East to West. Mosman Council has a number of speed deterrents already in place - is anything planned for Holt St to spot the cars shooting up Military Rd?

    The crash history indicates that most crashes occurred at the intersection of Spofforth St and Holt Avenue were possibly due to the dominant north-south traffic flow on Spofforth St, staggered intersection alignment and poor sight distance. Therefore, kerb extensions are proposed at the intersection to improve sight distance with the lane narrowing to reduce pedestrian crossing distance and slow down traffic, as well as realigning the road geometry of Holt Avenue either side of Spofforth Street.  

     The rest section of Holt Avenue has been listed in the North Sydney Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) Action Plan for Zone 6 for investigation of further traffic calming measures in Holt Avenue. 

    What would be the timing for the works once a decision is made?

    The result of the community consultation will be reported to the North Sydney Traffic Committee meeting on 11 June 2021. The report will include a recommendation on the preferred option based on the community feedback to progress the project. Once a preferred option has been adopted, Council will carry out detail design works for construction subject to funding availability and liaison with Mosman Council and TfNSW. 

    A double yellow line and/or pedestrian barrier in centre of the road would discourage people running across from parked cars to cafes and stop cars entering petrol station which causes que across Rand/Spofforth intersection.

    A double yellow line is not compliant with Australian Standards and TfNSW guidelines. However, a white double barrier line has already been proposed on the plans across the petrol station entrance. Additionally, improved pedestrian crossing facilities have been incorporated into all the proposals.