What rating changes for apartments and houses are expected in 2021/22?

    Refer to the Revenue Policy within the draft Operational Plan & Budget for next financial year. The Revenue Policy provides a breakdown of the approx. rate in the dollar per property type - for residential properties the majority of apartments/units are on the minimum rate. Note: the rate in the dollar will be reported to Council in June 2021, applicable from 1 July 2021. 

    Rates for the coming year are inclusive of the Special Rate Variation (SRV), approved in 2019. 2021/22 is the third and final year of the SRV. 

    What is the revised plan/timetable for implementation of Hume Street Park Stage 2?

    The last two slides in the presentation to the information session held 15 June 2021, compare the original Masterplan proposal/breakdown for the project stages (as at 2015) and the revised/adopted breakdown of the project stages as at 2021. 

    Stage 1 is the connection between Hume Street and Willoughby Road where Council bought five properties; four properties in that first section and one on the Willoughby Road side to construct a plaza that links Hume Street Park to Willoughby Road. Stage 1 work is well underway - the demolition has taken place and the contractor is on site. Works are expected to be completed by the end of 2021.  

    The original Stage 2 plan proposed in the Masterplan (adopted September 2015) had significant works planned for Clarke Street, Albany Street and Oxley Street. Much of this Stage 2 work is now to be undertaken by developers managing developments along the corridor, including the over station development of the Crows Nest Metro site. Council has put through a revised/amended Stage 2, providing a two thirds closure of Hume Street between Clarke Street and Pole Lane, and allowing the demolition of Kelly’s Place Childcare Centre on Hume Street to enable Council to increase usability by flattening and developing the site for community parkland. Stage 2 will ensure that full connection is achieved between Hume Street and the new Plaza, and that other works will be undertaken as part of development approvals. The additional $1.75M allocated in the 2021/22 budget and the funds already available for Hume Street Park will fund the completion of the revised Stage 2 plan.