Does North Sydney mean the whole local government area?

    Yes. Reference to North Sydney includes all suburbs within the North Sydney local government area (LGA) including Cammeray, Cremorne, Cremorne Point, Kirribilli, Kurraba Point. Lavender Bay, McMahons Point, Milsons Point, Neutral Bay, North Sydney, Waverton and Wollstonecraft. We want to hear your vision or ideas for improving either parts of the LGA or the LGA was a whole.

    What is a Community Strategic Plan?

    North Sydney Council has had a long-term strategic plan since 1996. The purpose of the plan is to identify the community’s main priorities and aspirations for the future, and to plan strategies for achieving these. The plan must take into account the pressures affecting the community and the level of resources realistically available to achieve its aims.

    How is the plan developed?

    The Community Strategic Plan is developed and delivered by Council in partnership with NSW Government agencies, business and industry groups, community groups and individuals. In addition to the feedback gathered from residents, ratepayers and other stakeholders, Council will draw on the results of the 2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey, the 2021 Liveability Census and recent consultations relating to other strategies and plans.

    Will all suggestions be includined in the final Plan?

    The simplest answer is - it depends… on available money, available human resources and whether other stakeholders agree with the suggestion.

    It’s fair to say that a large proportion of suggestions will be included - but some suggestions are likely to be beyond the capabilities of Council, other levels of government, or the community to deliver.

    However, that should not stop you making suggestions. Much of the Community Strategic Plan is aspirational, and if enough members of the community share those aspirations they should be included in the plan. Council will work with its partners, including State agencies and community organisations etc where responsibilities fall outside Council's remit. 

    How is the plan resourced?

    For its part in implementing the plan, Council details its responsibilities within the accompanying long-term Resourcing Strategy and a 4-year Delivery Program. The Community Strategic Plan guides the development of a four-year Delivery Program which becomes the single point of reference for how Council will spend it funds and what projects and services it will deliver during the term of the elected Council. The Delivery Program will include financial estimates for Council’s budget position for the period 2022/23 to 2025/26. The Delivery Program’s activities are allocated to Council’s departments via its annual Operational Plan & Budget.

    Council is not responsible for delivering every outcome and strategy of the Plan. If you or your organisation, community group or committee want to help to achieve the North Sydney community’s vision, you can do the following:

    - clarify the role your organisation, community group or committee will adopt under appropriate outcomes and strategies

    - identify initiatives which your organisation, community group or committee is interested in promoting relating to the outcomes and strategies

    - check your organisation’s strategic plan to see where a closer fit with the community strategic plan is possible

    - consider ideas and projects you could undertake to achieve our community’s aspirations.