What is Council doing to protect our lots from flooding?

    Council cannot control a flood event, however we can provide information to residents to better equip them in the case of a flood. We will also be putting in place development controls that will provide guidelines for any future development. The aim of this is to minimise the future risks associated with flooding. For instance, this study will be used to ensure that future development does not make flooding worse in your area.

    Additionally, the Plan created as part of the FRMS&P will guide Council on future works that may help reduce flooding on individual properties. The plan will also allow Council to apply for grants from the NSW Government for the construction of the identified items.

    What does it mean if my property has been classified as a flood control lot?

    In a planning context, properties that have been identified as being within the flood planning area are classified as a flood control lot. This means that the land will be subject to flood-related development conditions to reduce the impact of flood. For example, if your property is identified, you will need to ensure that the floor level of any new building work is above the flood level to minimise the risk of loss to your property.

    Upon adoption of a finalised FRMS&P following its public exhibition, properties identified as being subject to flood related planning controls will be listed as a flood control lot on your 10.7 Planning Certificate, which are issued when people are buying and selling property.

    What is a Planning Certificate?

    A Planning Certificate provides land owners, prospective buyers and developers information about the land use zoning and development controls applying to the land, as well as information about potential development constraints, including flooding.

    Will being identified as being a flood control lot affect the value of my property?

    There are many houses across Sydney that are listed as being at potential risk of flooding. The value of houses can vary significantly depending upon a range of factors such as site conditions, adjoining developments, market conditions and interest rates. Ultimately, it is the market that determines house prices and Council is is unable to advise on the value of individual properties.

    Will it affect my building insurance premiums?

    Insurance premiums are determined by individual insurance companies based on their assessment of risk and probability and are outside of Council’s control. Only your insurance company can comment on this.

    My property has never been affected by a flood, so why is it now classified as a flood control lot?

    Floods do not occur in a regular pattern. It is not uncommon to experience a long period of no floods, and then a period of several floods. The Study has shown that there are limited records of past floods.

    Evidence suggests that if you live near a creek, river, stormwater canal or along an overland flowpath, you may be at risk from flooding even if you have not experienced flooding in the past. Even if there is a lack of historical evidence of flooding at your property, it does not necessarily mean it is not at risk from potential flooding.

    How can I find out more information about flood planning?

    Additional general information on flood planning is available from the NSW Government Office of Environment and Heritage. You can also download a copy of the Floodplain Development Manual 2005, which includes the NSW Flood Prone Land Policy via: https://environment.nsw.gov.au/floodplains/manual.html

    What happens next?

    At the end of the public exhibition period, Council will review the feedback received before finalising the FRMS&P and reporting back to Council for final adoption. Once adopted by Council, it will be used to guide the rest of the floodplain management process defined by the NSW Government’s Floodplain Development Manual. The results of the Study will be used to manage the impact of flooding upon our community. To view the floodplain management process, visit https://www.northsydney.nsw.gov.au/floodstudy