Background - Bushland

Only 49 hectares of bushland remain in the North Sydney area. Much of this is on the harbour foreshore, where places of natural beauty combine with spectacular views. Despite the small, fragmented and highly impacted character of bushland in North Sydney, a surprising diversity of species and vegetation community types exist. Bushland reserves contain sites and items of significant natural and Aboriginal and European cultural heritage including shell middens, rock art and engravings. Remnant bushland in North Sydney also has significant scientific, educational, recreational and scenic value.

Bushland in North Sydney is managed and maintained by Council staff supported by a large and enthusiastic volunteer work force.

While the Bushland PoM is the overarching strategic policy document for management of all bushland on public land in North Sydney, specific goals and objectives for management of individual reserves are contained in the North Sydney Bushland Rehabilitation Plans 2019 – 2029.

North Sydney Bushland Rehabilitation Plans (BRPs)

The BRPs aim to preserve, manage and rehabilitate bushland and its associated values in the face of climate change, increased use, and constant impacts from the surrounding urban environment. Specific goals were developed for each reserve by considering individual relevant issues and devising ways to limit the threats, conserve existing biodiversity and rehabilitate degraded areas.

View the North Sydney Bushland Rehabilitation Plans here

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