How does the plan meets the criteria of community driven, visionary, functional, adaptive, inclusive and flexible?

    The Public Domain upgrades will:

    • incorporate contemporary design ideas for “place making” for the current and next generation of people who live, visit, commute and or work in this iconic lower north shore commercial area;
    • provide safe access to public transport and public open spaces;
    • provide for a better interconnected and useable network of public spaces in one of the mostly densely populated areas of Sydney;
    • encourage sustainable and active transport to support the health and safety of the community;
    • provide safe access to more public open spaces in commercial areas to boost local businesses activity; and
    • improve the vibrancy of commercial centres for residents, workers, students and visitors to encourage the local economy to thrive.  

    How many existing parking spaces will be lost?

    Total of 10 parking spaces will be loss:

    • 8 in Blues Point Village 
    • 2 in Blues Point Road near East Crescent 

    How long will the disruption be to businesses during construction?

    During construction works Council will endeavour to minimise impact to businesses, and businesses will remain operational during construction during construction. Council has successfully done this in other village centres.

    Will there be a 40km zone from Miller Street at down to the ferry to create a family friendly suburb?

    Plans to implement a 40 km/h zone in the area are part of Council’s 40km/h and 10km/h Shared Zones Masterplan adopted by Council on 6 April 2020.

    Will traffic calming will be installed to limit the speed of cars through the village?

    Please advise if 

    Traffic calming devices are included to this masterplan and Council is proposing Continuous footpath treatments and upgrade of the existing pedestrian crossing and crossing areas.

    Can a community garden be incorporated into the design, maybe at East Cresent Street?

    Yes, Council will consider the inclusion of community gardens into this Masterplan.

    Concerned inline bus stops will cause a huge backup down the road as cars will get stuck behind other cars turning right.

    There are existing in line bus stops that work in the area, allowing more space for pedestrians. These in line bus stops are located Blues Point Road near King George Street, and the corner with French Street. 

    Will outdoor dining seating be increased?

    Outdoor dining will be increased in some parts of Blues Point Road as indicated in the plans; final area and location of the proposed extension is subject to detailed design

    Is this truly consultative, or have you locked in the plan already?

    Upgrade plans are not locked in. Council invites stakeholder feedback on the proposed Masterplan (concept designs). In it envisaged that the final Masterplan will include modifications addresses community concerns/suggestions.

    What are the plans for Union Street shops?

    Union Street shops are not part of the scope of these works.