How do I get my 30 minutes free parking?

    Go to the parking meter, select your bay number and press F1. Note that the 30 minutes free parking starts when your vehicle enters the space and not when you press F1 at the meter.

    How can I tell if 30 minutes free parking is available where I parked?

    All metered parking spaces in Parraween Street will include 30 minutes free parking. A ‘1/2P FREE’ label will be displayed on the street signage and on the parking meter.

    Can I top up my free parking for more free parking?

    No. There are parking sensors in the ground (linked to the parking meter) which automatically start the 30 minutes free parking when you enter a car space. It will not allow you to top-up more free parking once the 30 minutes has elapsed.

    What if I want to stay longer than 30 minutes?

    If you intend to stay longer, the 30 minutes free parking will be forfeited when you pay for the time you need. You will need to pay the full price of parking. For example, if you want to stay for 1 hour, you will need to pay for the full hour of parking, it will not automatically deduct 30 minutes.

    What if I stay for 30 minutes and realise I need more time?

    If you require more time, you can return to the parking meter and pay the regular fee to stay longer. However, you can only pay up to the maximum time signposted, minus the free time already used. For example, if you enter a 2P parking space, use the free parking and decide to come back after 30 minutes to pay for more time, you will only be able to pay for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

    Can I get 30 minutes free parking during the prepay period?

    No, the 30 minutes free parking cannot be included in your prepay period.

    Will I get booked for not displaying a ticket?

    No, these parking meters do not dispense tickets. Parking is electronically monitored.