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Bent St, Neutral Bay - Walking and Cycling Upgrades Survey

Feedback closes 3 November 2017. Council is seeking feedback on walking and cycling improvements proposed in Bent Street, Neutral Bay (between Winter Avenue and Yeo Street). Landscaping and public domain improvements are also proposed as part of these works.

Before completing the feedback survey please refer to the Concept Plans available in the 'Document Library'. 

For further information contact Council’s Sustainable Transport Projects Coordinator, Lindsay Menday on 9936 8100.

Privacy Statement: Any personal data captured in this submission will be stored by Council in accordance with its Privacy Statement, Privacy Management Plan, Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 and the Privacy and Personal Information and Protection Act 1998. Personal information captured will be used only for participation in this project and will not be disclosed to any third party without your written consent.


The North Sydney Community Strategic Plan 2013 – 2023 identifies that improved walking connections are a key priority for the community. As part of Council’s response to this, a number of walking and cycling improvements are being proposed in Bent Street, Neutral Bay (between Winter Avenue and Yeo Street). Landscaping works and public domain improvements are also proposed as part of these works.

Proposed Works

The proposed works include: 1. Kerb and footpath changes on the east side of Bent Street near to the intersection with Winter Avenue. This would include a new path providing a direct crossing point for people walking from Winter Avenue to the east side of Bent Street (no formal crossing point is currently provided). These paths would extend out into the street to reduce the total crossing distance for pedestrians, and improve views to/from vehicles travelling on Bent Street. These improvements will be particularly beneficial for people with reduced mobility, or for those crossing with children/prams. 2. One-way cycle path providing uphill access along Bent Street (downhill riders will use the road). There is existing signage indicating that cycling is permitted uphill/northbound along Bent Street however no formal lane is in place. It is proposed to provide a dedicated path for uphill cycling that is fully separated from road areas on the east side of Bent Street adjacent to the footpath. The path would be at footpath height but differentiated from footpath areas by a material change (asphalt) and linemarking. Cycling speeds along the path are anticipated to be slow due to the topography. A concrete buffer area will be provided between the cycling path and parked cars to assist people exiting vehicles on the passenger side. 3. New landscaping and garden beds (refer below sample image) and upgraded footpaths and pram ramps. In addition to improving walking/cycling access and public areas, the works are also anticipated to reduce vehicle speeds in the street through changes to the road geometry. These works will result in a reduction of kerb side car parking of four spaces, two spaces to accommodate the cycle path/cycle path entry point and two spaces to construct the new pedestrian crossing point to Winter Avenue.

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